Mobile app testing automation

Mobile app testing automation is the latest need in the world, every organisation is looking for creating many mobile applications and planning to release upgrades every day or week.

While most of the mobile applications are B2C or Information based applications, it is very important to make regular releases to keep the audience sticking to their mobile applications and at the same time, it is very important for them to keep the mobile application with high quality.

As the release time is very short for Mobile Applications, it is very important to have all the UI functional level test cases are automated, so that every time they check in the code, these automation test cases could be executed and we would be ready with results as which test cases might have failed or passed to take decision of going ahead with build of the code.

There are many mobile automation tools that have emerged in to market to make mobile automation testing possible. Some of the most popular as below:


Each have their own pros and cons and the choice  of selecting a Mobile automation tool depends on the need.

I will try my best to share my knowledge around these automation tools and I would be more than happy if any one would be interested to write and contribute to the world.

Interested candidates can send a mail to and we can take it further.

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