How to execute oats scripts in command line
Every automation engineer working with OATS needs to know how to execute oats scripts in command line. It is inevitable when working in real time projects one wishes to run scripts in batch mode. In this article you will know how to do the same. OATS team had provided us with a bat file called… (17 comments)

How to add Jar files as assets in OATS / Openscript
Automation scripts are built with reusable libraries in order to improve scripting efficiency, productivity and stability in scripts. Java and its huge community base had built a lot of libraries and kept them as opensource. Java users are benefited with these libraries and jar files. Similarly users of OATS can take advantage of these jar… (0 comment)

Openscript test data parameterization using Excel
valIn one of our previous articles “Openscript test data paramterization with databanks“, we learnt to modify a script, so that it can iterate for a given number of test data records. The databank used was of type CSV Files. Now in this article, we will look at Openscript test data parameterization using Excel files. As… (2 comments)

Assuming that you are aware of triggering OATS test automation script execution in Oracle Test Manager, in a specific associated system. The system which you might have added @  Oracle Test Manager’s Tools>Systems menu => Add option. In the initial stages of building the scripts and want to make sure that everything is working fine,… (14 comments)