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  • Getting certificate error while recording the OATS Load Web HTTP script. Same URL is working fine manually and getting certificate error while opening with LOAD WEB HTTP.
    Even its working if you create the test script with functional test.
    And there is no option to continue on this web side (Not recomonded), only close option is there on the page and no sign to install the certificate.

    • In Oracle EBS Applications cases of cert error and unable to load certs is observed quite frequently…use Firefox… and when cert error comes up…add the cert exception from FireFox user interface… FireFox handles certs very well…

      And if you are more specific about using IE only, could you please try it with IE versions above 9, observed that they are a little more working better.

  • Hi Sinivas,

    Can you please explain the correlations with examples in OLT?

    • That is a huge concept kiran, it may not be easy to explain the same on a comment, please do let me know if you are interested to take up a training for the same?

  • Hi Srinivas,

    I recorded a Hyperion Load Script and changed my URLs to point to a different environment (from Dev to QA). When I try to run my test I’m getting a “Failed to solve variable dimId using regex ‘dimId’:(.+?), ” error. It’s almost as if it the scrip is not recognizing certain dimensions in the 2nd environment.

    Can you point me in the right direction?


    • Please see if you can paste the code and what changes have you made? so that we can get back to you as what might be the issue here.

  • Hi,
    Can you please tell me what is OLT and use of it, as I am going to take up a training tomorrow in my organization , they have asked us to come with some basic knowledge of it.
    Best regards

    • OLT expands to Oracle Load Testing, the main purpose is to automate the identified scenarios and then simulate them to run for multiple users.
      When the scenario is executed with multiple users, we can configure and monitor to measure the load that is being taken by server. We can also find out the limit at which the application might stop responding or starts deteriorating on performance.
      etc.. its a deep subject, i just tried to give a small intro.

      Hope it helps.

  • Hi Srinivas,
    I am planning to do a POC with 1 lakh virtual user using Oracle load testing , i cant find any sizing document for OLT , i have 4 Load testing agents and a OLT server,please advise on achieving this , please provide any tips or best practice for this scenario

    • Thank you so much for visiting our blog, please find below some details, which can help you with some details:

      If you are looking for 1Lakh virtual users we need following configurations

      1. OATS Agent requirements: 2 MB RAM per one Virtual User for Agent hardware.
      2. OATS Controller requirements: 50 GB RAM for JVM heap for the OLT controller

      That is if you take a normal laptop with all other software installed, please find below the best number of Virtual users that can be accommodated:

      1. Laptop with 8 GB RAM can accommodate 200 Virtual Users
      2. Laptop with 16 GB RAM can accommodate 400 Virtual Users

      Hope this information would be helpful for you..

      wish you a happy reading at TestingTools.co

  • Hi Sirinivas,

    How to monitor in serverstats of load testing. currently iam not getting any details in serverstats window in load testing

    • I would suggest you to refer to OLTLoadTestingUserGuide.pdf which is generally present in the following folder location “OATS installation folder\docs\en” , in that you have quite a good information on “Defining ServerStats Monitors”, which is the 8th heading in the document. It has list of possible systems that OLT supports monitoring and also has some examples in Appendix E as how to add configurations.

  • Hi Srinivas.

    I made a functional test in OpenScript in order to test my Oracle Forms application, and it works when I played it back in OpenScript, but when I try to run it through OLT server I get this error “Start Agent process failed because of creating windows account failed!”.

    I installed the OATS infrastructure in two windows computers and I’m tring some kind configuration scenarios but with the same result error: first scenario with the OATS server and agent, and second scenario with different machines for the server and agent.

    Please, do you know about this error or could you provide my more information about this error?

    Thanks in advance!!

    Best regards.

  • Hi Srinivas,

    I keep getting the below error when I try to run test on OLT:

    Error communicating with Oracle Load Testing Agent Manager on oats-am://localhost:9001: Timed out after 90 seconds

    Could you please give some suggestion to resolve this issue.
    When I disconnect from VPN issue does not occur. I need to run with VPN as the test is run on an internal site. Due to some resource limitation I had to shift testing from a VM to my laptop on which I am facing this issue..

  • Hello Srinivas,

    Customer is looking for some kind of metrics like throughput achieved(say in 1hr) end to end transactional response time at the end of successful load test. How can we derive such info from Oracle load test results? I am looking for some help on what kind of metrics that we can share to Customer from successful Load test. Also, I am looking for some kind of help on this.

    Vishal Kumar

    • I think there will be reports which will show the response time and throughputs , i have not used OLT so I am not sure about which report, but every load testing tool will have it. I would recommend you to go through their documentation files that get stored in your local machine when you install.


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