SOAPUI – the web services testing tool

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SoapUI is the world leading Open Source Functional Testing Tool, mainly used for API Testing. It supports multiple protocols: SOAP, REST, JMS, HTTP, JDBC & AMF .

SOAPUI - web services testing
SOAPUI – web services testing

Over the last few years the need to test web services has become multi fold with the technological expansion and increase in integrations between multiple apps like cloud, on premise & mobile etc. Being an open source tool, SOAPUI has played a great role and helped organisations to be able to perform testing with the increase in need & pace for web services testing.

In this article we will introduce you to the following 4 main components of SoapUI, and if you are further interested to learn test automation of Web Services you can deep dive into SoapUI Online free tutorials.

Functional testing of Web Services

SOAPUI enables you to verify if the web service responses are as expected for the different combinations and variations of input data. It uses xml requests with test data as input and returns a XML response based on the business logic written in the web services.

You can verify the response either manually or by inserting assert statements or by writing custom code and share the test results.

Load testing of Web Services

SOAPUI enables you to conduct load testing on web services to verify if the web services can with hold the load and continue to perform as expected under different conditions and peaks of load.

Security testing of Web Services

SOAPUI enables you to conduct security checks and helps you identify any vulnerabilities, namely:

  • Invalid Types
  • Malformed XML
  • Malicious Attachment
  • SQL Injection
  • XML Bomb
  • XPath Injection
  • Cross site scripting

and etc.

Mock Services to prepare test cases even before the web service is actually developed

Many a times, we pause ourselves in building end to end testing in web services when there are no web services developed already, SOAPUI enables you to create end to end testing by having test cases written for mock services. Once, the actual web services are developed it would not need much of effort to convert the mock services testing to actual web services testing.

There are many more advantages and sub features of SOAPUI in both open source and pro version, which you would learn at , keep watching this space for more articles around SOAPUI.

In the mean time you can use comments section to post your queries, we would be more than happy to help.

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