Write a program to print first n numbers in python
This program to print the first n number, introduces you to the usage of looping structures in python. One of the important thing to remember in python is, it does not have any “{” for marking the code blocks like in any other programming languages. In python it is handled completely differently, set of statements are… (0 comment)

Write a program to print Hello World in Python
The very first program which any person would attempt when learning a programming language is to print “Hello World!”, today in this article you would learn how to print “Hello World!” in a simple Python Program. # Writing the first program in Python print "Hello World!"; Create a file and save above content with a… (0 comment)

Learn – Python free online tutorial or course
Python has been one of the most popular language in today’s world, many people are wanting to learn the language but are not finding free online tutorials which are really good and easy to learn. At testingtools.co we want to provide Python free online tutorial or course so that the readers can work with selenium and… (0 comment)

Setup Python in Windows – Download and Install Python
This is the first step that you need to perform in order to get started with python programming, all the tutorials in testingtools for Python are inline to Windows Operating System. Verify if Python is already installed by performing the following steps, in case you know that you are doing it for the first time kindly… (0 comment)