Complete Selenium Training Course
Selenium is one of the most widely known web automation tool. It has captured majority of the market in the automation arena. We are providing training on selenium with insights on core java and TestNG framework. Selenium training course is designed so as to give proper guidance to novice as well as experienced automation professionals.… (2 comments)

If you are working on test automation of enterprise application or applications with huge functionality and various combinations of test data or you need to verify authorization for different roles and responsibilities, you would surely end up in to situations where you must close the entire application and start from clean state. Especially if you are testing… (4 comments)

You should always be careful about how you design / architect your test automation project , it is completely dependent on the size, nature & application landscape to test for a given project, you should make sure it is: Easy to create new automation scripts, especially the E2E(End to End) automation scripts / functional scenarios.… (0 comment)

In continuation to what is all about Linear test automation framework, in this article you will get to know about: Pros & Cons of test automation framework. Which of the most important factors to determine a framework is best or not are covered as part of each test automation framework. Any amendments that could be… (0 comment)

Assuming that you are aware of what a test automation framework is and what it contains? In this article you will get to know the list of test automation frameworks and in which business cases respective test automation frameworks to be chosen. While this article provides high level information of each test automation framework, navigate to know… (0 comment)

Test automation starts with feasibility analysis for any project, it includes activities like identifying the list of software automation testing tools and analyse which all can automate the client’s application, support and budget. Feasibility analysis can be best done by navigating through all the screens of application under test and list all the unique possible UI components of the… (6 comments)

Test automation frameworks keeps all test automation artefacts in single format and easy to maintain, in addition brings faster and better ROI to organisations. This article was written assuming the fact that you are aware of the necessity of automation testing and how to decide on which automation tool to be considered for test automation. Lets see what are the… (23 comments)