Most Frequently Asked Selenium Interview Questions
Here, you will find most frequently  and tricky asked selenium interview questions in selenium automation tool. These will definitely help you to  understand the concepts with deep insights and guide you through the interview process. Selenium  interview questions and answers: 1.What is the difference between driver.get and driver.navigate function? Driver .get () waits till the navigated… (1 comment)

Complete Selenium Training Course
Selenium is one of the most widely known web automation tool. It has captured majority of the market in the automation arena. We are providing training on selenium with insights on core java and TestNG framework. Selenium training course is designed so as to give proper guidance to novice as well as experienced automation professionals.… (2 comments)

OATS Training Course – Oracle Application Testing Suite
Oracle Application Testing Suite Tool – OATS  is one of the most sought automation testing tool in the oracle ebs application automation testing industry. It supports automation of oracle ebs applications, oracle ebs forms, web applications, SOAP web services and many more. We designed this OATS Training Course suitable for both novice and experienced people… (11 comments)

In this article,we are going to understand the need for customizing xpath and learn tips and tricks on how to achieve it in Open Script. This is really very useful concept to run automation scripts independent of environment and data used .To start with,I have mentioned below few frequently ocurring scenarios which requires xpath customization that will… (7 comments)

OpenScript has rich features to identify xpath. Below are various ways that can be leveraged in openscript spy objects and get their properties. Inspect Path : This is an option available in openscript spy objects and get property values a. Open openscript IDE and then navigate to Script >Inspect Path as below: b. A pop… (10 comments)