How to create tests in Selenium IDE
In case you do not have Selenium IDE, we recommend you to follow the steps in “Selenium IDE re-surfaced” article, and once the installation is complete. We recommend you to create a test and execute. It is quite simple. Simple and easy steps to create test in Selenium IDE Click on Selenium icon of your… (0 comment)

Selenium IDE re-surfaced with new capabilities
We all missed Selenium IDE for sure, it was so cool that we could just record a script on fire fox addon. We were able to record, playback, debug, export and many more features. Unfortunately it was shelved long back and we could not afford to use it, as it wasn’t supporting new browser versions… (2 comments)

How to verify if TestNG is installed successfully
In this article you will learn how to verify TestNG is installed successfully or not, there are multiple ways to do so, we have produced couple of most popular and easy ways of verification In case you have not yet installed TestNG plugin, we recommend you to follow “How to install TestNG plugin in eclipse… (6 comments)

How to install testng plugin in eclipse latest version
In this article we provide step by step instructions as how to install testng plugin in eclipse latest version. There might be multiple ways to install the testng plugin, but we recommend you with the following steps. Steps to install testng plugin in eclipse The following steps are performed on latest eclipse version photon Navigate… (6 comments)

Most Frequently Asked Selenium Interview Questions
Here, you will find most frequently  and tricky asked selenium interview questions in selenium automation tool. These will definitely help you to  understand the concepts with deep insights and guide you through the interview process. Selenium  interview questions and answers: 1.What is the difference between driver.get and driver.navigate function? Driver .get () waits till the navigated… (1 comment)