How to install testng plugin in eclipse latest version

How to install testng plugin in eclipse latest version
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In this article we provide step by step instructions as how to install testng plugin in eclipse latest version. There might be multiple ways to install the testng plugin, but we recommend you with the following steps.

Steps to install testng plugin in eclipse

  • The following steps are performed on latest eclipse version photon
eclipse latest version - photon
  • Navigate to menu Help>Install New Software in eclipse IDE, we do not recommend the marketplace approach for better results.
menu install new software in eclipse
  • Install window appears as shown below
search software window
add testng repository in eclipse
  • Eclipse starts searching for the repository
searching for testng plugin
  • Once the search is complete, it lists the TestNG repository
  • Select TestNG in the list and click on Next button
TestNG Software in search window
  • Eclipse starts calculating the dependencies and requirements for TestNG plugin
calculating dependencies for testng
  • Once calculation is complete, it lists the items for you to review and select for install
review items list for testng
  • Select “TestNG” in the above list and click on Next button
  • Eclipse requests for your acceptance on license details.
accept license agreement
  • Accept the license and click on Finish button
  • Eclipse starts the installation of the plug-in.
  • Review the status by looking at the bottom of eclipse IDE
TestNG installation progress
  • There are chances to see some warning messages, you can just go ahead by clicking on “Install Anyway” button
Install Warning for TestNG
  • Once the installation is complete, eclipse requests you to restart the IDE, proceed with the same. This means that installation is successful.
restart eclipse

It is a simple process that you need to follow, in the next article you will see how to verify if TestNG plugin is installed successfully.

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