Automation testing services, training, advisory, support and Proof Of Concept

After seeing lot of interest around popular automation testing tools our experts are ready to provide

  • Test Automation Implementation for your requirements
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite Training / OATS Training
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite Advisory / OATS Advisory
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite  Support / OATS Support
  • Quick Test Professional Training / QTP Training
  • Quick Test Professional Advisory / QTP Advisory
  • Quick Test Professional Support /  QTP Support
  • Selenium Training
  • Selenium Advisory
  • Selenium Support
  • Test Automation Advisory for Enterprise applications like Oracle EBS Applications, JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Cloud Apps, SalesForce, Home Grown Web Applications, etc..
  • Testing Automation Support for Enterprise applications like Oracle EBS Applications, JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Cloud Apps, SalesForce, Home Grown Web Applications, etc..
  • Automation Testing Proof of Concepts.

We are happy to conduct these on-line either for individuals or group of people or for Companies.

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As part of Training

We provide in depth knowledge sharing on desired test automation tool and in addition based on need we provide any Application specific insights, for example you are currently working on test automation of Enterprise applications like Oracle EBS Applicaitons, JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft, SalesForce, Cloud Applicaitons or web applications, we will guide you until you feel comfortable and be able to work proficiently.

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As part of Advisory

We have seen that many companies or organisations do a high level analysis and discuss with sales or marketing people of automation tool or platform companies to understand what would be best fit for their current needs and have fallen in to trap. Many of them feel that Automation Testing is just very easy as it is just at a click of a button, which is just a marketing statement to attract customers. In reality we have lot of experiences where we have helped customers making them realise what it takes for real implementation of Automation testing and make the test automation implementation project successful.

Our experts at bring all their experiences and provide tool or platform neutral advisory, which will be best fit for your current and future needs along with a detailed analysis report.

This report includes analysis about using different test automation tools or automation platforms  and what it can bring to you. We also furnish our advise as which tool or platform can bring you high ROI (Return on Investment). As a procedure, we here first try to understand what is your current need, future need along with your current applications stack and integrations and conduct detailed analysis. Our strong working knowledge and experience around automation testing of Enterprise applications like Oracle EBS Applications, JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Cloud applications or home grown web applications can help you in providing the best advise.

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As part of Support

Be it be individual or group of people of a company, whoever are new to automation testing tools or if stuck and unable to proceed , we will help you by providing support, solving your issues and trouble shoot your problems and share the knowledge so that you would be able to solve on your own if the same or similar kind of issue arises again.

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As part of Automation Testing Proof of Concept or POC

We have observed cases where companies wants have feasibility analysis and automation candidature of test cases etc.. What we do is, we ask you for few of the test cases you want to us validate if a specific automation tool will work or not, we will then create automated test cases for the shared test cases and show you automated test executions. Doing this will get you a confidence if the specified automation tool will be supported for your test automation requirements. In addition if required, we can do a detailed analysis going through all of your application stack and let you know if it works fine or not.

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In case you are looking for any other training(s), please do share it through comments

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