Apache JMeter – Open Source based Load and Performance Testing Tool

Apache JMeter – Open Source based Load and Performance Testing Tool
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Apache JMeter is an Open Source tool used to load test functional behavior and measure the Performance. It is a Java based application and was initially developed only for web applications, as time spanned it was extended for many more types of applications and needs.

With JMeter you can simulate load on a server, group of servers, network or object to analyze their performance at various types of loads. This can help you in coming up with recommendations as what needs to be done for better performance.

Here are the salient features of Apache JMeter:

  1. Supports load or performance test of many applications/protocols/servers/ etc..
  2. Comes with a full featured IDE
    • To create testplan by recording web and native applications
    • To Execute
    • To Debug
  3. Command Line mode to have headless executions and also makes it easy to integrate with continuous integration, for example: Jenkins.
  4. Works on any Java compatible platforms like Windows, Mac OSX, Linux etc..
  5. Inbuilt data extraction ability from response formats like : HTML, JSON, XML, TEXT, useful especially helpful in building correlations.
  6. Fully Multi threaded to simulate concurrent users being active at a time and each of these are independent.
  7. Caching and offline analysis/replaying of test results
  8. Highly extensible , comes with many open source and commercial plugins .


At testingtools.co you can learn the following:

S.No Topic Level
 1  Download and Install JMeter  Beginner
 2  Steps to Create a simple Test Plan – JMeter  Beginner
 3  Ways to execute Test Plan – GUI Mode & Non GUI Mode  Beginner
 4  Steps to record test plan for simple web application – JMeter  Beginner

In case of any queries or any specific topics that you want to learn, kindly let us know through comments, we would try our best to cover them as well.

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