UiPath online training in simple steps

UiPath online training in simple steps
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UiPath is one of the most popular tool for Robotic Process Automation ( a.k.a RPA ). UiPath online training in simple steps is a tutorial which will get you acquainted with the tool. You can build bots with very less programming knowledge, these bots can automate end to end business processes.

UiPath online training course

Basic Concepts
Different types of Automation
  • Excel and datatables
  • Data manipulation
  • UI Automation
  • Remote desktop or Virtual Environment automation – Citrix
  • PDF Automation
  • Email Automation
Project related
  • Project management
  • Debugging & Exception handling
  • Agent assisted automation
  • Introduction to Orchestrator
  • Adding Machines
  • Scheduling bot executions
  • Audit and logging
SAP Automation
  • Introduction to SAP Automation using UiPath
  • Creating script and execution

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