Introduction to UiPath – RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Introduction to UiPath – RPA – Robotic Process Automation
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As part of the Introduction to UiPath tutorial, you will get to learn what is UiPath all about? and know about 3 main products of UiPath. Each of these products has a specific purpose, basically, they cover aspects such as create automated bots, trigger bots, monitor and schedule them. Robotic Process Automation is much simpler with UiPath due its self intuitive User interface and allows even non technical person to build robots.

What is UiPath?

UiPath is a RPA tool with comprehensive set of features, it allows to automate end to end business processes and help organisations in leaping towards advanced, automated business processes. The times when it was time consuming to integrate multiple processes, which certainly included manual intervention can now be made autonomous.
UiPath comes with 2 options of installation, one is enterprise edition and other is community edition, follow the steps in “install UiPath community edition” to get free installation.

Introduction to UiPath – covers Studio, Robot & Orchestrator

UiPath Studio
Studio is an advanced designer tool or an IDE ( Integrated development environment ) where users can represent their complex end to end business processes in form of flow charts or sequence of steps. Creating these flow charts is quite easy and simple, it is similar to Microsoft Visio. It has user friendly drag and drop feature, i.e. you can drag and drop an activity from left panel of studio on to the flow chart design area of studio.

On the left side of the studio we have the activities panel, this panel lists out around 300 number of activities. You can search a desired activity from this huge list of preexisting activities. Building the automation of business processes could be less time consuming with huge list of existing activities.

UiPath Robot
The UiPath Robot executes the processes designed in UiPath Studio, these processes can either be executed with or without any assistance. It is up to end users to decide as how they want to these bots to function.

They work with cloud, web based applications, legacy systems, documents, databases, etc.. and compatible with Citrix, SAP, Java apps.

UiPath Orchestrator
Orchestrator is a management server, you can access it via web, it enables us to remote control, monitor, schedule and release management of Robots. That is through this web interface you can deploy, start, stop and schedule processes and monitor execution by the robots. It also provides great set of analytics and insights for management people to track and understand the current state of executions by these bots.

Robotic Process Automation is well managed with UiPath

Advantages of UiPath are as follows:

  • Increased compliance
  • Best customer experience.
  • Productivity booster – 300 existing activities
  • Good management capabilities.
  • Machine learning capabilities

You can understand more about above mentioned advantages here – Advantages of UiPath in Robotic Process Automation ( RPA ) article.

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