Enterprise applications testing

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Enterprise applications are heart of many organisations, as they automate and maintain most of the critical business operations be it be for a Health Care domain, Manufacturing domain, Finance domain, Insurance domain, Sales domain, IT domain and etc..

While there are wide variety of enterprise applications available globally, at testingtools.co you will learn

  • How to test automate the enterprise applications?
  • What are the various test automation tools available to automate each enterprise application?
  • What are the challenges & solutions to automate each of the ,Enterprise applications using different test automation tools?
  • What are the configuration pre-requisites to make the enterprise application test automated with each test automation tool.
  • How the test automation gets impacted with release on release of the enterprise applications and the test automation tools.
  • Some of the best practices specific to each enterprise application to be followed using each test automation tool.
  • List of platforms that are available in market which can help speed up and make maintenance easy to on board the testing project and accomplish successfully.
  • Comparison between different test automation tools supporting each enterprise applications.
  • Comparison between different testing platforms supporting each enterprise applications
  • Resources to learn functional knowledge on each enterprise application.
  • Interview Questions in specific to test automate each enterprise applications.

and many more..

Following are the different enterprise applications which testingtools.co would start sharing knowledge to its readers.

Oracle EBS Applications Testing

Oracle E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance.

It is widely used across the globe for different domains and purposes, this ERP covers functionality for:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Service Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Advanced Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Value Chain Planning
  • Value Chain Execution
Oracle EBS Applications
Oracle EBS Applications
Oracle EBS Applicaitons - Oracle EBS Forms
Oracle EBS Applicaitons – Oracle EBS Forms

Oracle EBS Applications deals with technologies like Oracle OAF Framework, Oracle EBS Forms, telnet, etc.

You will learn what are the various test automation tools which support automation of Oracle EBS Applications and what are the general challenges, best practices automating it.

Cloud HCM Testing

Cloud HCM is one the cloud based enterprise applications of ORACLE, focused mainly in providing solutions for the Human Capital Management business processes. It includes Oracle’s Global Human Resources, Talent Management and Social solutions.

Cloud HCM
Cloud HCM

Cloud HCM is built with one of the most advanced technology – ORACLE ADF. At testingtools.co you will learn what are the  different test automation tools which can test automate Cloud HCM application along with the most popularly used test automation tools.

Cloud HCM’s technology and release cycles takes major role in understanding the challenges and coming up with the best practices for test automation.

Cloud CX Testing

Cloud CX delivers great Customer Experience through out the customer journey and across all the interaction channels. Enhances the advocacy, breaks down the organisational barriers to have better connect engagements and most importantly helps to grow revenue.

Cloud CX
Cloud CX

At tesitngtools.co you will learn how to tackle the complexities of testing functionality and changes in functionality. We also touch up on the most commonly used test automation tools and what are best suited at various types of environmental dependencies & situations.

SalesForce Testing

SalesForce or SFDC is one of the most popular Cloud application in the domain of CRM, which helps to grow organisation by providing proper track of all sales related activities and there by helps in:

  • Generating Leads
  • Getting new customers
  • Close deals faster
SalesForce - SFDC
SalesForce – SFDC

As this cloud application is highly configurable and customizable by individual organisations, it needs a lot of regression testing and new feature testing. Being cloud based, should also be able complete the testing in shorter span and have confident results.

Salesforce has capability to integrate with third party applications, making it more crucial and critical that it is tested thoroughly end to end.

Salesforce has its own methods to do customization, which actually needs some additional knowledge on how to automate and take care of things, at testingtools.co you will learn the challenges and how to address them to have a successful test automation implementation.

Similarly we have many enterprise applications like

  • JD Edwards
JD Edwards
JD Edwards
  • Siebel
Siebel CRM
Siebel CRM
  • PeopleSoft
  • Infor CRM
Infor CRM
Infor CRM
  • Net Suite
  • WorkDay
  • Kronos
  • ADF Applications
  • Custom Web Enterprise Applications

In case you want to add more enterprise applications, please do share the names through comments, we would do our best to include them as well.

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