Detailed steps to install Oracle XE 11g database
You have to download Oracle XE 11g database download from oracle website, for which you need to have Oracle SSO login credentials. In case you are not registered, follow the simple steps at oracle website and register for free. Once you have registered, login in to Oracle SSO authentication. Navigate to link Oracle XE 11g database download. Accept… (2 comments)

We have captured list of software testing tools in the following areas of testing: Manual testing tools to manage and maintain the testing manual testing processes and testing artifacts. UI test automation tools i.e. to automate functional,Integration, regression, system, sanity and User Acceptance testing of software applications. Performance and security testing aspects of software and… (10 comments)

Enterprise applications are heart of many organisations, as they automate and maintain most of the critical business operations be it be for a Health Care domain, Manufacturing domain, Finance domain, Insurance domain, Sales domain, IT domain and etc.. While there are wide variety of enterprise applications available globally, at you will learn How to test automate the enterprise… (0 comment)

The entire software development industry depends on programming languages and frameworks, especially programming languages are used to write the business logic and add functionality to the application. Never the less, the test automation industry has gained dependency over programming languages and frameworks. The test automation tools use programming languages to design test scripts, which will mimic the manual… (0 comment)

DOM is an acronym for Document Object Model, in this article we shall understand some details about DOM. DOM is basically tree based representation of all UI elements in a web page that gets rendered in client’s web browser or it can be for a XML document too. It is a cross platform and language… (0 comment)