What is DOM – Document Object Model

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DOM is an acronym for Document Object Model, in this article we shall understand some details about DOM.

DOM is basically tree based representation of all UI elements in a web page that gets rendered in client’s web browser or it can be for a XML document too. It is a cross platform and language independent representation and also lets you to interact with objects in HTML, XHTML and XML documents.

Few of the APIs like getElementByID and getElementByName play a major role to interact with objects in the web page or a xml document.

Javascript and JScript are the first scripting languages to work with this kind of approach.

DOM has evolved across various levels

DOM Level 1: came up with complete model for xml document and html content.
DOM Level 2: This is the stage when the APIs like getElementByTagName, getElementById are introduced in to the world.
DOM Level 3: In this stage it has started giving support for XPath, keyboard event handling and serializing documents as XML.
DOM Level 4: Is under development, need to see what features are going to be get included.

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