Advantages of UiPath – RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Advantages of UiPath – RPA – Robotic Process Automation
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In this article we will discuss about the Advantages of UiPath, in case you need to know what is UiPath? we recommend you to go through Introduction to UiPath article. Though there are several options to implement Robotic Process Automation, UiPath holds a major share in the market.
In case you want to get started on learning UiPath please follow our online tutorials for UiPath

Advantages of UiPath

  • Increased compliance
  • Best customer experience
  • Productivity improvement
  • Good management capabilities
  • Machine learning capabilities

Some of the Advantages of UiPath are multi fold, i.e. it helps vendors, customers & customer’s customers.

1. Increased compliance

One of the major concern for any company is to recognize any compliance issues earlier and sort them out. Now with the help of this RPA Solution, i.e. UiPpath, employees now can run internal reviews regularly, it allows them to proactively identify and manage any compliance issues. UiPath utilizes its RPA features to eliminate gaps between different sources, logs the actions completed by robots as part of process automation.

Below are some of the compliance which companies across industries need to worry about:

  • Healthcare company to meet HIPAA rules
  • Financial service based company to be PCI compliant
  • SOX compliance for companies majorly funded by investors

2. Best customer experience

Best experience for customers of the companies who implement RPA and automate their business processes using UiPath

While it speeds up the back office tasks with RPA using UiPath, it also allows companies to provide timely and effective services to their end customers. Some of the repetitive processes which RPA can automate and improve efficiency are:

  • Purchase order issuing
  • Claims processing
  • New hire screening and paper work
  • Bill payments
  • Etc…

Best experience for vendors who implement RPA for their customers who wants to automate their business processes

While there are plethora number of legacy automation tools available in market to automate business processes, vendor needs to work with multiple tools to address automation of different types of applications or requirements.  But with the advent of UiPath, a pure RPA based tool comes with a capability to automate and integrate between sources of applications, databases, services or systems.

This autonomous tool makes life easy with its user friendly designing interface. Vendor’s life is made easy with a single tool and allows to automate end to end business processes for their customers. These end to end business processes can be running across different systems, applications, databases, manual tasks and etc..

3. Productivity improvement

Productivity improvement using UiPath is attained at two different instances.

Firstly, during implementation of RPA for a set of end to end business processes, 300 existing activities in UiPath is just same as every other activity that you want to perform, you name it, it is available. Just to state of couple of examples:

  • Image to text conversion
  • Automating UI Interfaces
  • Calling SOA, Rest or Web services
  • Integrations between multiple types of operations
  • Sending emails or reading emails
  • Automating enterprise applications.
  • Interacting with databases
  • Reading and writing different documents
  • etc…

Secondly, the companies can provide early services to their end customers, as their end to end business processes are automated and back offices can provide more accurate and quick responses.

4. Good management capabilities

UiPath with its centralized management server, allows organizations to deploy and manage bots to perform the activities automatically. It also has one stop place for audit and analytics. Ability to control bots from central server provides better security and management capabilities.

5. Machine learning capabilities

UiPath has embedded the capability to trigger python scripts, which means it can even trigger machine learning models, now bringing them in to business process automation leads to different possibilities. Robots can now predict and take decisions wherever required and bring in the data science capabilities. In addition UiPath had introduced Natural Language processing ( NLP ) which will make reading and understanding of documents/emails more possible.

Now that UiPath team had planned to become agile and have releases every 3 months, it might bring in more and more advantages, we will try to keep this updated.

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