Complete Selenium Training Course

Complete Selenium Training Course
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Selenium is one of the most widely known web automation tool. It has captured majority of the market in the automation arena. We are providing training on selenium with insights on core java and TestNG framework. Selenium training course is designed so as to give proper guidance to novice as well as experienced automation professionals. On completion of this complete Selenium training course, you would know various test automation frameworks used and you should be able to test automation web applications.

The course starts with learning Java basics and then directs towards concepts of selenium,TestNG and different automation frameworks with manifold practical examples from live projects . Such technical knowledge definitely add to your skills set and helps you to gain more profits in your professional career.

Selenium Training Course Venue

Duration : 6-8 weeks

Session Days: Weekend

Session Duration : 2 Hours Per Session

Location :Online

Selenium Training Course Details

  1. Core Java – optional if you are proficient already.
  2. Setting up selenium in Eclipse IDE
  3. Basic webdriver commands – learn browser, navigation, and web driver commands and performing actions on check box, radio button, etc
  4. Inspector tools- Firebug and Firepath
  5. Different locators and XPath customization
  6. Alerts and Windows handling –learn how to handle alerts popups and multiple windows
  7. Action Class – to do mouse actions
  8. Robot Class  and AutoIT-to do keyboard operations
  9. Log 4j logging –to log the action steps
  10. Database Connection –to connect to database
  11. Working with Excel – learn how to read and write data to excel file using Apache POI
  12. Different Automation Framework
  13. Page Object Model and Page Factory
  14. Build Tool-Maven
  15. TestNG Framework
  16. Installing TestNG –learn how to install TestNG in eclipse IDE
  17. Setting priority test cases, grouping of test cases, data parametrization, reports, etcdi
  18. Cross browser testing

This selenium training course structure can be customized and needs to be discussed with the trainer before gearing up for the actual training. You can even send your queries to us at testingtools.co@gmail.com.

Comments (2)

  • I have taken OATS training from Namrata. Here is my feedback:
    1. She is very thorough with OATS topics and very interested in teaching so that shows in the way she teaches.

    2. Covered all the topics that are useful in OATS projects, especially the issues people usually face while working on projects and how to resolve them.

    3. She is very approachable, always showing interest to clarify doubts and finding solutions to the questions/issues we might raise.

    4. Overall very useful and very reasonably priced. Also very convenient as you can sit at home and learn at your pace.

    Namrata you are excellent, thank a lot.


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