5 reasons to video record your automation script playback

5 reasons to video record your automation script playback
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Test automation project implementation is mostly misunderstood assuming everything is done by tool and nothing else to be done, but in reality there are several things to be taken care as part of test automation project implementation.

In this article you will know what are the 5 reasons to video record your test automation scripts playback, to have a smoother test automation project implementation and can result in higher success rate of project. 


1. Sign off Test Script in Test Automation Projects

Most of the times when test engineers and BA’s work on a test automation project, BA’s would ask to give a live execution of scripts, but as an alternative, you can also record the script execution in to a movie file and then share to them. This way BA’s can review them when ever required, works quite well when the BA’s are in 2 different time zones.

2. Easy to provide knowledge sharing on existing automated scripts

In case many automation scripts are developed and you have expanded your test automation team with new joiners or you want to teach functionality of application under test to others in the team, these video files can help you a lot and reduce dependency on a human to explain from scratch.

3. Easiest way to identify where exactly the script execution had failed

In case the script execution failed, you can quickly refer to this video and can easily identify where exactly the script has failed, and also can see what all steps are performed before reaching to this place where script has actually failed.

4. Audit Compliance

Some of the organisations where there is a huge security related concerns, they want to audit all the operations performed by automation tools, in which case these video files can be produced by you to the auditors for their processing.

5. Easiest way to identify and confirm if application under test changed on different test cycles

Test executions happen generally for different test cycles, the same functionality would be tested by these automated scripts at different time periods of upgrades, SIT , UAT , QA etc.. so in case of any deviations in current cycle execution for any test case or scenarios, you can always refer to the videos which got generated during previous cycles and you will be able to decide easily as what might have changed and what needs to be incorporated in the script to adapt to new changes which are required.

Basing on above facts automation tools have come up with in-built video record feature on scripts playback, this make life easier for all the uses i.e. test engineer & BA.

We have covered 5 most popular reasons why it is important to video record your automation script playback, in case of any queries, please feel free to ask us through comments, we would be more than happy to help.

Also please suggest if any additional reasons for which video recording is important, we shall add it to the list.

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