How to add web services Assertions in SoapUI
In the article web services testing in SoapUI you have seen how to create a SOAP project add WSDL and give input to a request and submit to get the response of the SOA Web service. In this article you will know how to add request to a test suite, executing a test case and then add… (0 comment)

Web services testing in SoapUI
Web services testing in SoapUI can be done for both SOAP and REST, in this article you will know how to use SoapUI to test SOA protocol based Web Service. One of the advantages of SoapUI tool is it can be used by any one , they just need to know how an XML looks and how… (6 comments)

SoapUI is the world leading Open Source Functional Testing Tool, mainly used for API Testing. It supports multiple protocols: SOAP, REST, JMS, HTTP, JDBC & AMF . Over the last few years the need to test web services has become multi fold with the technological expansion and increase in integrations between multiple apps like cloud, on… (0 comment)