Steps to create Object Library – OpenScript – OFT – OATS

Steps to create Object Library – OpenScript – OFT – OATS
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In this article you would learn how to create a Object Library in OpenScript IDE which is useful for creating Functional Test automation scripts in OFT of OATS.

Steps to create Object Library

  1. Once you create a new Project in OpenScript.
  2. Click on Assests Tab
  3. Select Object Librariesassets_object_library
  4. Click “Add” buttonadd_object_library
  5. You would be prompted with a “Open Object Library” window. open_object_library
  6. Browse through the directories in the left side
  7. Give a name to Object Library
  8. Click “Ok” button to create the Object Library.browse_give_ol_name_click_ok

You could chose to either chose relative to Script  / Repository based on your interest.

As shown below the Object Library with name “OL_Demo” is created, and going forward if any recording of script is done, all the objects and their attributes, values are stored in the “OL_Demo” Object Library. You can give your own name as per your interest.

Sample Object Library file & Contents are shown below:


In case of any queries, we would request you to share them through the comments section, we will try our best to respond on the same.

Comments (8)

  • Hi Srinivas,

    Could you please explain how to maintain object library for web application objects and also how to modify xpath that is stable.

    Thanks in advance

    • Author

      Hi Amitha,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us, could you please provide more details about your query, as what you want to do ? / Why do you need to modify xpath that is stable?

  • Hi Srini,

    In my case, I want to modify the XPath mostly because of frequetly changes in ID or Name.
    How could I use the regular expression or other mechanisms to handle such issues?

    Vivek S.

  • Hi Srinivas ,

    Can we perform parallel execution of script using OATS same like we have Grid feature available in Selenium ?

    • Author

      Hi Yugandhara,

      yes, there is something called Oracle Test Manager, where you can configure multiple nodes and trigger parallel executions

      Thank you,
      Srinivas P.

  • Hello,

    Can you please describe how to create hierarchy of objects as we can in UFT ?

    • Author

      I think, it creates in a hierarchy by default when you are using Object Library to record a script or spy and add objects to Object Library.. Are you experiencing something different? if so could you please share a link where we can see the image of the Object Library expanded and give some explanation as what you are looking for


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