Write a program to print first n even numbers in java

Write a program to print first n even numbers in java
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This program you will learn how to use both conditional and looping constructs in a nested format, that is a conditional statement would be present inside a for loop. As mentioned in other articles, there would be several ways to write logic for any problem / program, here I am showing some of the simple ways to solve the program.

Way 1 – using a “for” loop

Way 2 – using a “while” loop

There are more ways, by creating a class and methods which can be called, the above program is also a way of writing a class writing the logic in a main method, but the predefined main method cannot be called by other classes. You may have to give a different method declaration other than the default main method provided by java. You will learn this in the tutorials which talks about creating classes and methods in java.

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