Setup and configure maven environment
Packaging and deploying artifacts or projects is one of the most critical and frequently performed steps in the current era. So we would like you to know that build tools like maven, gradle, ant and etc.. share a great stake in DEVOPS cycle. And, now in this article we will look at steps to setup… (0 comment)

Create a free okta account developer
Now a days organizations are looking at Identity management solutions to embrace additional security layers. It also helps in audit compliance requirements. There are multiple players available in the space of Identity management to help their customers. OKTA is one among them, some of its features are Multi Factor Authentication ( MFA ) , Single… (0 comment)

How to create a free aws account
You must be well aware that Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular IAAS providers. It has huge number of services and constantly growing every year. So if you are planning to learn / explore / implement services for your need you might need a free account at the first place. So this… (0 comment)

ansible tutorial for beginners – ansible online course
Many ansible online course (s)  are available online, but here in this ansible tutorial for beginners we also address challenges faced by novice users. Also covers the topic like setting up initial environment where you can make your hands dirty in using ansible. While DEVOPS automation is a collection of steps, one of the most… (0 comment)