OATS Installation Error – OUI-10133:Invalid staging area, there are no top level components

OATS Installation Error – OUI-10133:Invalid staging area, there are no top level components
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This is one of the error that we encountered during the installation process of Oracle Application Testing Suite, below is the error message that we got:

“OUI-10133:Invalid staging area. There are no top level components for Windows NT, Windows 2000 available for installation in this staging area.”

The case is when we zipped an existing OATS installation folder and shared across to a different team to install instead of downloading from the main source or Oracle website.  The other team had unzipped the installation file and tried to install the software. They were getting above stated error message and were blocked to proceed with successful installation.

We tried following steps to debug the installation:

1. Verified if we had the right version of Oracle Application Testing Suite ( a.k.a OATS ), to suite to our Operating system ( i.e. Windows 2008 Server R2 ) by referring to “OATS versions compatibility matrix for java and browsers and operating systems”

2. As a next attempt we tried to check the installation with elevated user privileges, i.e. by right clicking on Setup.bat file in the OATS installation folder and select “Run as Administrator” menu option, and yet continued to hit the same blocking error.

3. As a next step attempt we wanted to check by unzipping the installation file again and install, we observed that it threw a “checksum error” when unzipping the file, when we checked with the other team they mentioned that they did face this issue but they ignored and continued to install.

One important take away that I had and I want all of my readers to take is that, when ever an issue occurs irrespective of the kind of issue, it is highly important to get the details of all the steps that were performed before arriving at current situation. This can help understand clearly where exactly the issue had unearthed. It need not be a technical glitch all the times.

So as a solution for the above issue in our situation, we had zipped the installation folder freshly and checked if unzipping was successful without any errors, later shared it to other team and installation was successful.

In case of any queries, please do revert to us, we would be more than happy to help.

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