3 options of osclti, the command line utility of Oracle Application Testing Suite

3 options of osclti, the command line utility of Oracle Application Testing Suite
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While you are aware of many features in OpenScript and OATS to automate scripts, there are some advanced concepts which can help you move to next level.

In this article you will be introduced to a utility which was developed by OATS product development team and made it available from OATS 12.3 version.

3 activities “osclti” utility does to improve the productivity of test automation engineers in an advanced way.

  1. Command line or dynamic compilation of scripts: Allows you to compile a single script or scripts in bulk, this does not require you to open the OpenScript IDE (tool). You can go through our detailed article on command line compilation of OATS scripts.
  2. Command line or dynamic association of assets:  Allows you to associate any kind of OpenScript assets, namely databank, script / function library, jar & objectLibrary. You can go through our detailed article on command line option to add / update reusable assets to OpenScript Scripts – Oracle Application Testing Suite ( a.k.a OATS )
  3. Command line or dynamic remap of script references: Switch the assets relativity to current script or to the OpenScript repository, it can remap scripts in bulk as well, function libraries are exceptional to this and cannot be remapped using this option. This is option is not much in use unless and until there were huge number of scripts which were developed and want to change the references to follow some best practices or when they want to move the scripts with copy paste options


Lets get to know some whereabouts of “osclti” utility and are you curious to know how this utility came in to existence?

  1. Location of osclti command utility is at  C:\OracleATS\openScript\osclti.bat ,and C:\OracleATS is the OATS installation folder.
  2. This utility was developed on a request made by internal team of  Oracle – “Oracle EBS QA team” for inorder to improve productivity of automation engineers to compile and associate reusable assets dynamically in bulk rather opening each script that got generated / changed post generation using Oracle Flow Builder ( i.e. in the initial days of Oracle Flow Builder development). It was later made as part of Oracle Flow Builder, that is the scripts generated through  Oracle Flow Builder are auto compiled and have required assets associated.
  3. It is also now being used by many organisations, as each them have thier own ways of generating OpenScript Scripts or edit the scripts and use this utility to compile them in bulk or associate the assets dynamically and save a lot of time.
  4. This command line utility “osclti”  performs above discussed three activities with the help of 3 command line options  namely compile, updateAssets and remap, you can see them with the command “osclti.bat -help” as shown in below image.In order to get more understanding you can run commands like “osclti compile -help” / “osclti updateAssets -help” / “osclti remap -help” in the command prompt @ C:
    \OracleATS\openScript path, you can see detailed help and notes of above options.

Please feel free to ask any of your queries in form of comments, we would be more than happy to help you out.

Comments (2)

  • Hi,

    I installed OATS in a new machine and I copied the scripts repository from the old machine to the new one.The path is different in two machines but the repository name is same.

    Old Machine : D:/Repository Name/
    New Machine: C:/Scripts/Repository Name/

    I am facing the following issue.

    The assets are not getting added properly. It gives warning. The assets work fine only when I add as “Relative to current script” (I added the repository path using Manage Repository options – C:/Scripts/Repository Name/ ). Any new functional script created in the new machine also cannot be added with “Relative to current repository” option to the test script.

    The same works in my old machine. Create a new folder in C: as C:/Scripts/Repository Name/ , Edited the repository path through Manage Repository. Every script is working fine.

    osclti.bat remap help says that functional libraries cannot be changed.

    Could you please let me know where the problem exists and why “Relative to current repository” option is not working?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Author

      Hi Nandy,

      Thank you for reaching out to us, I may have to understand more about the folder structure a little more here, as what are the assets and where are the assets actually present, the option to chose relative to script or repository depends on this.

      1. If your assets are present outside of the scripts, it is always better to use relative to repository. ( like a generic location, which every other script uses for their scripts )
      2. If your assets are present inside of the actual scripts, then the assets need to be added as relative to scripts

      If the above things are followed properly, even if you move your scripts, they should work fine.

      Thank you,
      Srinivas P.


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