RPA : How to start with UiPath Developer Foundation diploma?

RPA : How to start with UiPath Developer Foundation diploma?
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There are good number of tools available over the market for robotic process automation(RPA), UiPath is one such tool which has a great foot print with its best in class user friendly product, easy to learn and use. In this article you would know how to get started on UiPath Developer Foundation diploma. I would also recommend you to go through Why Robotic Process automation to get a better understanding.

Steps for UiPath Developer Foundation diploma

Firstly, this certification is free, anyone can register and go through their UiPath foundation course, which has 13 lessons. Each lesson comes with a single video tutorial, couple of practice sessions, explanations & ends with a quiz, you need to clear quiz on each lesson to proceed further.

  • Register to UiPath academy
  • Enroll to “Level 1 – Foundation training”
  • Go through 13 lessons, learn the tutorial and complete the quiz
  • Give feedback.
  • Give the final test and get Developer Foundation diploma certificate.


Register to UiPath Academy

  • Navigate to certifications link and click on “REGISTER FOR UIPATH ACADEMY” button.
  • You will be presented with a registration form, enter required details and submit the form.
  • As a confirmation you would be presented with following screen.
  • After some time, you will receive a confirmation mail, the email address is same as what is given in the registration form.

Enroll to “Level 1 – Foundation training”

Once you login, you should be seeing couple of training courses available, but for the scope of current UiPath Developer Foundation diploma, you need to

  • Click on Enroll button of “Level 1 – Foundation training”.
  • Click on subscribe button to complete the enrolling process
  • Click play to start with the training course.

Complete 13 lessons on UiPath Developer Foundation diploma

If you click on the left side icon you can see the following list of 13 lessons covering following topics:

  1. Introduction to UiPath
  2. Variables, Data Types & Control Flow
  3. Data Manipulation
  4. Recording
  5. Advanced UI Interaction
  6. Selectors
  7. Image And Text Automation
  8. Advanced Citrix automation
  9. Excel & Data Tables Intro
  10. PDF Automation – Introduction
  11. Email Automation
  12. Debug & Exceptions
  13. Project Organization


Finally, give feedback & take the final test to get the certificate. Do remember that the final test has 45 questions, you will have only 3 attempts to take, You need to get minimum of 70% to clear the test.

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