How to search and add activity in UiPath studio
UiPath has more than 300 pre-built activities, the most important part of building a RPA solution is to search and add relevant activity in UiPath studio. In order to build a RPA solution, user adds a multiple sets of activities in a meaningful order. What is an activity in UiPath? Activity is a smallest possible… (0 comment)

How to record and execute in UiPath
Now that you are aware of different types of recording in UiPath and their significance, lets actually not wait more and get in to how to record and execute in UiPath. In this article we will focus on automating operations on a desktop application “calculator”. Steps to record and execute in UiPath Create a new project… (0 comment)

How to add Jar files as assets in OATS / Openscript
Automation scripts are built with reusable libraries in order to improve scripting efficiency, productivity and stability in scripts. Java and its huge community base had built a lot of libraries and kept them as opensource. Java users are benefited with these libraries and jar files. Similarly users of OATS can take advantage of these jar… (0 comment)

String manipulation in Java with examples
Any programming language including Java uses variables to store data. When it comes to Java, being an object oriented programming language it has separate class for each data type. One such class is “String” it comes with set of methods by default. String manipulation in Java is more easy with the set of methods it… (0 comment)

UiPath hello world example – simple steps
We learnt many software programming languages with a hello world program, lets follow the legacy. With UiPath hello world example in simple steps, you can easily create your first and smallest RPA solution. This article also introduces you to basic user interface of UiPath studio in the process of creating the RPA solution. UiPath hello… (0 comment)

Getting started – How to create projects in UiPath
Getting started with UiPath article helps you to get awareness on the user interface of UiPath Studio, different types of projects and How to create projects in UiPath studio. At the end of this article you would be pointed to simple steps to create a hello world project in UiPath. Open UiPath studio once you… (0 comment)

How to install UiPath community edition
In this article you will learn how to install UiPath community edition software. UiPath also has an enterprise edition, which you can install and use with a license purchased. Who can install UiPath community edition? This tool is free for individual developers, open source projects, academic research, education and small professional teams. This is a… (2 comments)